This is a Rogue pre raid BiS (Best in slot) guide that SHOWS you how to quickly get your gear to be raid ready. This guide will allow you to speed run your gear acquisition so you can waste as little time as possible gearing up. I also give my recommended alternatives if you’re having bad luck or want to PvP with your pre-raid set. I consider LBRS and UBRS (Upper/Lower blackrock spire) to be raids as they are 10 mans, so this guide mentions the gear you can get, but I do not recommend it for speed purposes.

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  1. Im failing to see your logic in this guide. You are excluding both LBRS and UBRS, yes UBRS is technically a raid but you will need it for Ony attunement anyway, and a fresh 60 doing UBRS as a 10 man group is much easier and time efficent than trying to farm out multiple Cadaverous pieces in Scholo. Then you said Rune of the Guard Captain isnt worth the time, but leveling and gathering mats for engineering trinkets and paying for Devilsaur set is?

  2. I like how some items are "some items are everyone will roll on that" when the fact is all the items in this video that aren't craftables are going to be rolled on, if not reserved, by warriors/hunters/friendly neighbourhood shaman.


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