WHO WE WERE – Let's Play – Judgment (Judge Eyes) – 32 – Walkthrough and Playthrough – game walkthrough


In today’s episode of our Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Judgment (aka Judge Eyes), Yagami and Kaito question Matsugane about Hamura’s whereabouts, and a common thread is found that ties together two of Yagami’s cases.

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GAME: Judgment (also called Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon)

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Judgment is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The game is a legal thriller set in the Yakuza world of Kamurocho and follows private detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates a serial murder case. It stars Japanese actor Takuya Kimura and employs a fighting system similar to that of Yakuza 0 where players can change into different styles, namely crane-style which is more focused on fighting groups and tiger-style which is more focused on fighting individuals. Additionally, the game features an investigation mode where the player must find traces of the criminal.

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  1. Yagami: Daddy Matsugane, I have something to important to ask you.

    Matsugane: What is it?

    Yagami: Which of these four girls should I go out with? I kinda like Tsukino but I'm not sure.

    Matsugane: I thought you wanted to ask about the Mole.

    Yagami: The who?

  2. The nickname is Ta-bou, used by people older than Yagami.
    Ta coming from Takayuki
    Bou basically means "kid" "little boy" they are calling him "little boy tak"
    Matsugane and Kaito and other close friends use the nickname endearingly since Yagami is younger than them while Hamura is kinda belittling him with it.

  3. By the time Yagami decides to be serious with one of these girls, at least one of them will be heartbroken once they've discovered he's been cheating on them, while the other becomes a yandere. The fourth gf is lucky she hasn't been encountered yet.

  4. So, to answer your question about the discrepancy between the way they call Yagami in the japanese dub and the english sub it's rather simple:

    In japanese, as you most likely already know, adding pseudo honorifics to names is possible, by that I mean, instead of calling someone Onii-chan/Onee-chan you can also call them "XXX-nee" or "YYY-nii" this implies the same, that they are your older siblings (Since when their younger you just call them by their name.) This in turn applies to this instance as well.

    Since Matsugane is like a father figure to Yagami, Matsugane calls Yagami "Bouzu" (Boh-zu), which roughly translates to "Brat" or "Kiddo", its a slightly affectionate way of older people to refer to younger guys. As you might have guessed by this point, shortening Bouzu to Bou and adding it as a Pseudo honorific (Its not REALLY one, hence why the pseudo) to Yagami's first name, Takayuki, shows that they are closely related and that Matsugane knows and cares about him. The reason why he shortens it to Ta-Bou, is because there is no Tak Syllable in japanese. Now, as to why they call him Tak in the english sub, and probably english dub as well, is most likely because it achieves the same result: Showing affection by Matsugane and Kaito (Both older figures in Yagami's young life) in a overly friendly way by calling him a nickname.

    Cue the More You Know Gif, but not the original one, one that's supper shabby and looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old

    PS: Also, during that scene with Matsugane, since Yagami saw that Matsugane had chosen to stick to his guns and past decisions and let murder get by him without doing shit about it, those last words he said to him were a kind of: "I'm breaking ties with you. Thanks for all the things in the past. Goodbye." Which goes to show how much Yagami despises that kind of thing, enough to even cut ties with his second father. That last one line was a big OUCH.

  5. Sana-Chan: Oh hey girl, you look ready for a date? Who's the lucky guy?
    Nanami: OMG the legendary singer Sana chan? Im dating a guy with nice hair, jeans, and a black shirt.
    Sana chan: wow, my date has the exact same thing? Where are you meeting him?
    Nanami: Right here. in front of theatre square.
    Sana Chan: Same thing.
    Yagami: Hides behind a phone booth guess i gotta do another tailing mission

  6. Kaito: gives a pep talk about fighting him with the intent to kill
    Higashi: aight literally only ever aims for Yagami and never for Kaito

    I think he’s programmed to never attack Kaito no matter how much get gets attacked LMAO he doesn’t wanna hurt his aniki

  7. Ta-Bo is akin to a nickname basically "little Tak" or "Young Tak", an endearing name combining part of Yagami's name and the kanji from little boy . Because Matsugane, Kaito, etc. the one's who call him that knew him from when he was much younger/practically raised him. Thus, he has a "pet name".

  8. The game did say that he got the ring out of the fish… so presumably he still had it on him. And Yagami recovered it and gave it back to the client.

  9. 25:40 They call him "Ta-bō" I think. "Ta" as in Takayuki and bō (pronounced boh) as in "bōya" which means boy. It probably started as "Takayuki no bōya" or literally "young boy takayuki" which evolved to become "Ta-bō".
    Edit: this also kind of explains why it's also often translated as "my boy" when daddy matsugane says it. That's literally what "Ta-bō" means.

    This is all conjecture though. Don't take my word for it.

    As for the reason why they translate is as "Tak' ", that's simply because this is a translation that aims to be adaptive. They want to make sure every social or cultural difference can be understood. Rather than simply translating the text, they adapt it. This same choice, for example, led to things like Japanese onigiri being called jelly doughnuts in pokemon.
    It's a hard choice to make for a translator, where one needs to balance between staying close to the source text and take the risk of not being understood (and thus failing the original purpose of communication) or adapt and risk people blaming you for transforming the original message, because any one sentence could be understood in a myriad ways and there's never an exact translation for anything.

  10. The reason why the translation team gave Yagami another nickname in English is probably because "Tak" sounds a bit better in English. It expresses the same familiarity between them, but the word "Tak" is not really a sound you can make properly with the japanese alphabet. That's just my guess

  11. Man, I really liked the date with Nanami! I take the same tack talking to date-able strangers, even if we're hanging out, I make sure they know I'm not into playing the romance game, as she phrased it. I just feel like, once that's out in the open, there's a huge weight off my shoulders, and I can focus on actually talking to the person instead of feeling antsy about when they're gonna start pulling out the 'romance playbook' gambits and expecting me to /like/ it… That's the worst part. When you disappoint someone and confuse them and maybe even anger them, because you don't like the sorts of romantic overtures society has trained us to expect as normal. This is what dating is like as an asexual. Being blunt, I've learned, is better than being scared.

  12. When the adorable, chubby, probably-lesbian (only chubby young woman I've seen in a Yakuza game so far, mind you) ends up getting the Monokuma voice… If anything she should probably get the Fukawa voice? She's gonna pull a Maya and get into fujoshi-mode HARD, I can already tell. (It's like gay-dar… We can just tell… (*_*)

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