IGN has released a brand-new gameplay video for Remedy’s sci-fi-shooter Control. The video showcases the first 13 minutes of the game and gives a nice glimpse at both the innovative shooting gameplay mechanics and supernatural story. Watch it here!

Remedy Entertainment is in full-swing of marketing their soon-to-launch new game Control. As part of this PR push, they have partnered with IGN in presenting new exclusive gameplay videos and interviews. The game’s rather obtuse and cryptic setting really deserves to be prepared in advance for it before the official launch next month. It’s especially exciting for PlayStation owners as Control will be Remedy’s first title to come out on a Sony system since 2003’s Max Payne 2 for the PS2.

Today’s video then is showing Control’s first 13 Minutes, which set up the setting and story – sort of. You see, Remedy is going the mystical supernatural route with their new game and such, the player is going to discover more about the rules and inhabitants of the world as the game progresses. Set in the fictional, secret government agency Federal Bureau of Control, the game puts us in the shoes of the bureau’s new director Jesse Faden. Tasked with the study and containment of supernatural phenomena, Faden finds herself in the middle of a war against the Hiss. An evil enemy which invades and corrupts reality.

Remedy has long been known for creating immersive stories with great writing, but their real talent is in crafting excellent shooting mechanics. Their previous work like Mad Max 1&2, Alan Wake and Quantum Break are proof of that. Their exploration of non-traditional shooting mechanics which started with Quantum Break are now blossoming into the extreme in Control. The mind-bending weaponry is also accompanied by reality-twisting environments and superpower-like abilities by both the player and enemies.

Control comes out August 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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