UNRELEASED POKEMON GAME!? | Pokemon Fusion Generation 2! – Episode 1 Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough – game walkthrough


Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough Episode 1!
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Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Rom Hack Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

#Pokemon #FanGame #RomHack

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  1. The shadow figure in the middle near the end of the video looks like ghesitisis. So he could possibly have to do with this maybe cause of black and white 2 maybe

  2. QOTD: Black Kyurem and Reshiram, let's see that original dragon.

    EDIT: Also, were two of the three silhouettes at the end Ghetsis and N? No clue who the third one was.

  3. I picked Totovee the first time around. Then I played first game again to unlock Time Capsule. Got Cyndavee on seconed playthrough and time capsuled a few pokemon from first game so that I can get all the special starter forms.

  4. My team from my first playthrough, Feraleon=Feraligatr and Vaporeon, Grosteel=Steelix and Tangrowth, Rotogon=Rotom and Porygon, Chargonite+Charizard and Dragonite, Herawoodo from the first game and Hogia=Lugia and Ho-Oh

    My second playthrough team so far is Esplosion=Espeon+Typhlosion, Umbraligatr=Feraligatr+Umbreon, Sylpharos=Sylveon+Amphros and Raylix=Raquaza+Steelix I Time Captuled over from the first game.

  5. So just throwin this out there Lyra is not a rival. She plays the same role that may played in third gen. The rival for 2nd Gen is Silver. Speaking of Silver thats the best Rival. This dude went through all of Victory Road and whooped everybody in there to the point they had to leave and you only encounter wild pokemon.

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