Tracks: Train Set Game – 100% Achievement Walkthrough (on Xbox Game Pass) – Full Game in 30 Minutes (EASY)

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Special thanks to those who posted tips on /r/maka91productions, as well as DM’d me on twitter.

More Full Game Walkthroughs:


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Additional Credits: CultGamerAlliance, Camran Riaz, MclovinLegend, NoblestSteed, Inferno21, hamadriano, ElDylto1612, & BulletMastery.


  1. An easier way to get the 100 piece achievement is by selecting 'Save/Load' and loading the example 'Roller Coaster' layout, then simply save it – but great guide once again Maka, many thanks!

  2. Fun fact, doing the second level of passengers you can place the platform mid air. the passengers will still go to it. so the start point can be placed on the shelf. No need to build.

    Just remember to pull up the platform while the curser is on the shelf, rotate so it’s facing the direction of the shelf. Then place it behind, in mid air. You now have lots of room for the start point and the train.


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