Bursting forth from their foetid under-hives, the Skaven have revealed themselves as the fourth playable Race in Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Their motives obscured, the devious Skaven are a highly numerous species who inhabit vast subterranean lairs. Now, their time of prophecy is upon us, and this verminous Race have emerged to spread pestilence and mayhem across the face of the New World.

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Video type: In-Engine Cinematic
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  1. "The great bell began to toll; once, twice, thrice; the slow, heavy waves swept across the city, Four, five, six times the bell rang; like the torpid pulse of a bronze giant. Seven, eight, nine; the rolling of the bell grew louder with each ring and the man-lings staggered back clutching their ears. Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen…"

  2. That’s the terrifying thing, they’re expendable due to the birth rate, yet their technology is lethal, the mutations are terrifying and formidable, and even just one of them has the potential to be lethal, and each fight has thousands.


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