A hero rises as a nation crumbles. With Han dynasty blood flowing through his veins and a heart that beats only for the good of his country, Liu Bei stands unwavering against incredible odds. His foes have more money, more troops, more weapons, and more land. But Liu Bei? He has the people…

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  1. Liu Bei the only not selfish warlord during that time, he even told Zhuge Liang before he died, if his son Liu Shan is incapable to lead the country, Zhuge Liang always free to claim the throne himself, but Zhuge Liang cant do those treason act due to loyalty, otherwise Shu may last longer

  2. I love it how Liu Bei looks behind him as the people cross the pass. The trailer doesn't say a word, but that already tells you what you need to know about the character.

  3. 蜀道难 (李白)
    0:10 蜀道之难,难于上青天!
    0:37 地崩山摧壮士死,
    0:53 然后天梯石栈相钩连。

    蜀道難 (李白)

    The Road to Shu (Sichuan)is difficult (Li Bai. poet-immortal –an epithet for Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty–)
    ——literal translation——

    The height, the staggering height!
    The road to Shu(Sichuan), so steep, steeper than Heaven.

    Earth tottered, mountains crumbled,
    brave men perished,

    And then came stone hanging-bridges,
    sky-ascending ladders interlocked.

  4. 蜀道之难,难于上青天。
    The difficulty of shu road is difficult to the sky.
    The ground fell and the strong man died,then connect the skyladder stone stack.
    ――唐 李白 《蜀道难》

  5. The song is an excerpt from a famous ancient poem"蜀道难”(hard roads in shu),and it was said that the road between shu(where liu bei set up his regime) and other areas of China is so rough that birds can not pass


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