Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Eight Princes Reveal Trailer – game trailer


The Eight Princes Chapter Pack is a new standalone campaign which takes place in the immediate aftermath of the THREE KINGDOMS storyline. This pack introduces eight legendary princes to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, each with their own unique traits, playstyles, and units such as the revered heavy cataphract cavalry, mounted archers, and imperial guardsmen.

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  1. Wow after checking the Steqm discription of the dlc it can be awsome and quite cheap for what we will get! I muat say this CA you are gettin better and better.
    Just please balance some abilities in 3k. Today my lvl 3 Su Jian had to flee after duel with lvl 1 basic cpmander spaming +100% mele defence ability that hat longer duration thac cooldown and made him 300%+ defence unstopable monster. And this beautifull gamw is full ot that kind of broken abilities. But still FANTASTIC game!

  2. When are we going to get live streams from wheels and tom on this? Is this also going to bring us to the war of the 5 barbarians? Because i'm so hyped for this new campaign.

  3. Beautiful trailer and I'm excited for many more hours of new gameplay

    Please TW, for the love of heaven, add a Korea campaign in their three kingdoms period, like the rise of the republic dlc for Rome total war

  4. Cool trailer and all. But what am I suppose to take away from this other than that a DLC is coming involving eight princes? Do enlighten me because Im grasping here

  5. I would prefer they fleshed out the main campaign…Too few unique characters, and this campaign will suffer from the same dry feeling if its just the 8. Music and campaign gameplay are as good as it gets, but the officer clones have got to go….Someone told me that there are just too many officers to give them all portraits at least and their own skills, yet Koei has been doing so for 30 plus years so it is doable.

  6. So, if I'm correct:

    Older bloke in green- Sima Liang, the first regent. Deposed by Empress Jia.

    Swole dude in red- Sima Wei, second regent. Defeated by Empress Jia.

    Arrogant dude in yellow leaning against the pillar- Sima Lun, usurps the throne after killing Empress Jia, is brought down by the other princes.

    Leopard Print badass- Sima Jiong, fourth regent. Is killed by Sima Ai.

    Green Plumed Helmet Hero- Sima Ai, fifth regent. Later kidnapped by burned to death by agents of Sima Yue.

    Blue strategist sword man- Sima Ying. Declared himself heir to the throne. Was later assassinated.

    Helmeted Angry Catapult man- Sima Yong. Killed in an ambush by followers of Sima Yue when en route to the Emperor's funeral.

    Tall hat purple leather collar guy- Sima Yue, victorious in the end…to get to watch all of the five barbarians the princes invited into the Empire tear it apart. Is later hunted down and killed by Emperor Huai to take back power.

    I'm not an expert on this period, but basing it off what I do know, and the banners that show up, I think that's who each of the characters are. If anyone knows better and can correct me, please do!

  7. character selection for this dlc in a nutshell

    In all seriousness…. one of the best trailers I have ever seen in my life well done CA !!!!

  8. 煮豆燃豆萁,




    People burn the beanstalk to boil beans,

    The beans in the pot cry out.

    We are born of the selfsame root,

    Why should we hound each other to death with such impatience?

  9. Thanks Creative Assembly. A nice dlc and good 3k videos. You did good with the Chinese. I hope the next game is an empire 2 game that includes the empire and napoleon (3 centuries). I hope he doesn't stay in dreams. 😀

  10. I would have thought the actual Three Kingdoms Era would be the first Campaign DLC where Wei, Wu, and Shu are already established. I also thought they'd do a few character DLC.

  11. This is a suck history in China. Sima family possibly the worst royal family in the whole Chinese history. His dynasty ended in 40 years, because his heirs fight each other. The China dropped into another sorrowful era. Other ethic group came in, and they killed unarmed Chinese who ruled by stupid sima family.

  12. I didn't know the beginning of Asian boyband anime style metro sexual dudes start to get popular this early. lol. I see at least 2 guys here looked like they belong in some modern K/J idol pop group (the trying to hard to social smiling army officer looking dude and the Medieval emo/goth dude in leopard stripes); especially the leopard stripe emo is seriously metro-sexual… XD

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