The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch – game trailer


As a hero of war turned instructor, Rean must lead a new generation of heroes and fight for a brighter future. They must draw upon their strength of their steel, as well as their bonds, if they hope to stop the unknown threats that await them! Dress up your adventure with 26 bonus additional cosmetic items, all in game!

Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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  1. Nintendo noooo don't start the switch people with the 8th game, it's like telling people to start watching Avengers at infinity war and this comment section reflects what a blunder that is

  2. Hi ummm it’s nice we’re getting trails of goatsteel 2 but Nintendo it would be really cool if umm maybe ya slide cs 1 and 2 cuz like the backstory section isn’t the best for newcomers *insert Chris angry emote*

  3. On the one hand I'm glad that the series is coming to a nintendo console,
    On the other hand the first game in the series that gets that treatment is a game that assumes you've played the 7 games that preceed it.
    I'm glad it's coming to switch but I'm also kind of scared since there will be people jumping into it as their first game and due to being confused as to what is going on they'll drop the game early and never look at the series again, which would be a real shame since all of the games in the series are such a joy.
    To anyone reading this, I'd highly recommend to AT LEAST play Cold Steel 1 and 2 before tackling 3.
    But playing Trails in the Sky 1-3, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure (in that order) will greatly enhance the experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who liked CS1. (Though if you want to play Zero and Azure you'll have to go out of your way to install fan patches as thet haven't been lovalized officially)

  4. Gameplay trailer is a loose way to describe this video.
    It's a 1 minute video.
    10 seconds at the start is just telling you who made it.
    10 seconds with a static image then cut to the title on a blank screen.
    10 seconds at the end is a static image with a vague release date.
    The rest is mostly cutscenes and words on a screen, and about 10 seconds of "gameplay" which is showcasing a move and the UI, and a few pieces of gear.

  5. Was super surprised to find out this was getting ported to the switch. Hopefully the other 2 also get ported over eventually so that others can play the first two entries in the cold steel games

  6. I'm going to play the entire series starting from Trails in the Sky just so I can play this on the Switch! After playing Ys Viii on the Switch (one of my favorite games now), I really want to support Falcom bringing games to my favorite console.

  7. Where's 1 & 2? This isn't really a series that you can just jump into the very end & play. Plus there's a whole bunch of other entries that should be played before playing 1 & 2.

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