THE DEADLINE – Let's Play – Judgment (Judge Eyes) – 39 – Walkthrough and Playthrough – game walkthrough


In today’s episode of our Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Judgment (aka Judge Eyes), an impending event causes Yagami to scramble to find the evidence he needs to indict the ADDC.

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GAME: Judgment (also called Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon)

FAN ART OF THE DAY: Starstorm –

Judgment is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The game is a legal thriller set in the Yakuza world of Kamurocho and follows private detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates a serial murder case. It stars Japanese actor Takuya Kimura and employs a fighting system similar to that of Yakuza 0 where players can change into different styles, namely crane-style which is more focused on fighting groups and tiger-style which is more focused on fighting individuals. Additionally, the game features an investigation mode where the player must find traces of the criminal.

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  1. Welp, I'm comparatively early to a Nico vid for once, may as well put my two cents in! I think doing each girlfriend as a separate video sometime after the main story would work really well – that way people could skip some if they wanted to. But I have the feeling that everyone who knows this series, or is watching it blind through your playthrough would love to see all of em. Personally, I would love to see all the dates! I feel like they've been a lot more unique than the hostesses in Zero and Kiwami, and that's enough to get me invested in their individual stories. I suppose you could have multiple save files and do the final-date of each girl too? Meh, but that's up to you. I almost NEVER find your vids mind-numbing – and even if they are, like the Persona 4 Golden episode with the Lego-baby fight AND the omlette cook-off, they're still some of the most cheerful, thoughtful, engaged, and heart-warming LPs I can find on Youtube! 🙂

  2. I wanna see the girlfriend events, but I think you should just save them for post game. It's kinda jarring when there's suddenly a whole episode dedicated to them and then immediately dunking in the main story. I'm fine with whatever decision you make, though! c:

  3. 20:19 – I looked it up! His shirt says 'new world record' with the kanji literally meaning 'world new' so it was a little odd-looking at first. Thank you jisho dot org! Edit: and his name's a bit of a pun, too. In Japanese, his name is pronounced Isaka Shun, and his shirt is pronounced Sekai Shin, so maybe his name was destiny!

  4. I say date all the girls, but only if you want to Nico. Reading the comments I'm noticing most are not into Nanami. I guess I'm in the minority because I find her to be the most interesting one. But I have a feeling Nico might not like her in the end.

  5. No please don't do every girlfriend event. I'm dying to see the conclusion of this mystery.
    Edit: I would be fine if you did like 1 or 2 of them but all of them means like 4 episodes of nothing but side content.

  6. So Nico, in chapter 12, there's a missable trophy during a story event but it's really easy to miss. Basically, there will be a timer, and you want to complete the objective when the timer is under the 10 second mark. This one is definitely something you'd never get unless you looked it up.

  7. Maybe meet each girl, get them up to their first or second event and you make a choice of which one/s you like. I think you're missing like… two? Perhaps give them a chance to wow you and then choose to go further or not based on if you think they might be potential waifu.

    On a more personal note, I'd like to see them all but if you're feeling a bit burned out or don't like a particular girl that much, skipping is fine!

  8. I would just suggest to do the girlfriends in premium adventure since you still have to go through a lot of content to get the last side case. In that way, after the story is over, people will be happy you did them without messing with the flow of the story, and people who aren’t interested can just skip them.

  9. Since it's been about a week, here is another reminder about chapter 12's hidden achievement (since you are now in it).
    This is the easiest trophy to miss, as you kinda have to go against your better judgement and take your time.
    10 seconds remaining.

  10. Maybe you could do the girlfriend events as a livestream special? You don’t usually play side content from current LPs on stream, but I think it’d be a good format for it.

  11. As to why quests like the hide and seek quest can come across as odd with the father's attitude.
    In Japan it's actually pretty common for parents to be busy with work to have time for their children. It's not out of being heartless and neglectful. It's just the culture and mentality where Japan's work environment is demanding and parents who put so much time and effort into are seen as good as it is seen as being devoted to provide for their family.

    Also parents in Japan are more willing to let their kids go off unsupervised than in the West as to the Japanese, it builds up the child's independence and autonomy quicker.

  12. I’d like to see you balance out main story and side quest a bit more, Nico. Like this video is like 40% main story cutscene not even gameplay and the rest is just you doing side quests.

    Edit: Actually no, that’s not even 40%.

  13. So, im not seeing too many people talking about your question in the beginning, so i'll just flat out say it.
    If we can survive the slolom of platinum hostesses in zero, kiwami, and kiwami 2 (least i remember them in all the games played so far) we can survive 4 girlfriends of yagami. besides, who knows, some of the girlfriend events may make you like one of the other 2 girls more than tsukino or sana. and if that happens, i wanna see your journey there through the events. so i vote yes for the girlfriend events, even if it's post game, to give you time to play with the perks that come with post game. (personally feel like putting them post game would be good in terms of contingency too, since the people that dont want to see them can then just skip them after watching you complete the story)

  14. While I'd like to see a lot of these romantic routes you've got with these girls, it's probably wiser to go with one if its a matter of time.

    And maybe it'll make it more special like P5 to pick the one girl who wins your heart.

  15. When it comes to the girls they honestly are not that long of a grind, You just do the date and then take a few steps and you get a text from them and you can start the next date most of the time, one of them that I think is quite the grind, at least that's how I felt when I was doing all of them because there is so much stuff you need to do, again that's what it felt like to me. I think if you just focus one video on the girls that would be enough it might be the same length as this one if not could be shorter. So I say go for it.

  16. As someone who has no way of playing this game I would like to see you go through the girlfriend events. Also I think the reason Kuroiwa doesn’t try really do anything about Yagami is because he knows that there are people keeping tabs on Yagami (Kaito, Jester, the Matsugane and Kyorei clans) that would follow in his footsteps. Taking out Yagami wouldn’t accomplish much in the end so it’s better to leave him be and make countermeasures instead while keeping up the facade of “Ace Detective of Kamurocho”.

  17. Man, dont you just love guys who threaten to take their own lives if their girlfriend cheats on them? Forcing her to feel responsible because she doesn't love you anymore… oh well, at least the game is talking about it.

  18. 1 thing I find interesting about the morel and morals case is that at the start of the game when you are looking for kaito outside of KJ Arts if you look bellow him you can see Rei getting a massage from what looks like Iseya

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