Trees are loosing their leafs. Pumpkins are invading our meals. You know what that means. Exactly, the fall season is upon us. If you’re a PC gamer, you also know that this means it’s sale season with many storefronts offering great discounts. Steam has now officially launched their Autumn Sale and the deals are pretty good.

And it’s not just games where you can save big time. Valve’s very own, fascinating Steam Controller is currently on sale for just $5. Yes, you read it right. Only five US dollars for a PC-centric controller which you can customize to absurd levels. Stocks are limited, so better make sure to jump in on the deal while supply last. Go grab the controller here!

Sadly, Valve’s fancy new Index Virtual Reality kit has no discount at the moment. Here’s hoping that the upcoming Christmas Sale will feature some nice discounts for it. With Half-Life: Alyx releasing soon after it, it would be the perfect opportunity to jump into VR. Don’t hold your breath however.

As is tradition with Steam Sales, the Autumn Sale has a unique event going on in parallel. With the year coming to an end, Valve is once again holding their own community award ceremony, the Steam Awards. Being voted exclusively by regular users, it’s going to be one of the most definitive PC-focused awards of the year. Go ahead and let your voice be heard among 8 unique categories. Voting on the Steam Awards will also net every user a sweet badge. Vote in every category and you’ll get another badge. Reviewing and playing a game you’ve nominated will further give you two badges. So, if you’re into the meta game of the Steam Community, you can very quickly & easily get 4 unique badges.

The Steam Autumn Sale is live now and lasts until December 3rd.

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