Complete Ghost Stealth Walkthrough for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts played on Deadeye

SGW: Contracts | Complete Stealth Walkthrough | Deadeye | Part 4 “Beketov Valley”

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  1. a few bugs and adjustments to be made, but it's a fun game. They need to adjust volume on briefings, and I think the 3 different difficulty levels are pretty much the same as far AI, and the interrogations are pointless, and what's the point of having collectibles if they tell you where they are?

  2. Yeah the A.I is my one and only issue with this game..
    that is pretty impressive for a $30 game!
    I have $60 games that have a lot more things about them i dont like.
    if this would have had a really good A.I it would have been stellar!


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