Complete Ghost Stealth Walkthrough for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts played on Deadeye

SGW: Contracts | Complete Stealth Walkthrough | Deadeye | Part 1 “Bajkit Proving Ground”

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  1. I’d LOVE to see you and WillieB as a duo y’all would be the dream team y’all are absolutely nasty snipers in games my favorite streamers for stealth games and thank you for your service and sacrifice

  2. I've played Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, and the only thing I miss from that game in this game, is the little red Circle. That would show you where your shot would actually get. Is there any way of getting a rifle, or a scope that will allow that to happen?

  3. Of all the videos you're doing at present this game is of most interest to me – I've loved the series since the beginning and it's only gotten better with each new game IMO though 3 did have a few steps backward.

    Also, during the tutorial some of your shots weren't going quite where you were expecting… that was because you were still dialed in to 300 but compensating as if you were dialed to zero.


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