Here’s a game we weren’t ever expecting to hear from again. Scalebound, the once much-hyped Xbox One exclusive by legendary action-game creators at Platinum Games, could get a second lease at life. According to Nintendo Insider, the project which got cancelled two years ago by Microsoft is going to make its way onto Nintendo’s newest system, the Nintendo Switch.

Obviously, major rumors like this deserve to be taken with a major grain of salt. Even more so, since the tale of Scalebound is a very tumultuous one. Originally unveiled at E3 2014, it was Microsoft who hailed the game as one of the premier Xbox One exclusives to look forward to. The pedigree was there at least. Developed by Platinum Games, the Japanese studio responsible for some of the most memorable and acclaimed action games bar none. Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101 among many more read like a who-is-who of the so-called character action genre.

But development didn’t go smooth. Year after year, it became clear that Scalebound wasn’t progressing as wanted, with fans tided over with gameplay videos. Ultimately culminating in Scalebound being officially canceled in 2017. The year the game was originally planned to come out. Ouch. Both parties, Microsoft and Platinum Games suffered a major blow by this. Microsoft lost a highly-marketed exclusive, further loosing mindshare and trust in the console war they were struggling in. And for Platinum Games, it was the end for what could have been the studio’s major breakout from the niche.

Now, things are looking like Platinum Games is getting a second chance. Nintendo Insider claims to have sources indicating that Scalebound is being resurrected. But not on the Xbox One. Instead, Nintendo supposedly wants the game for their Switch as an exclusive. What a ride!

There’s no word by either Nintendo, Platinum Games or even Microsoft – who at one time held the trademarks for Scalebound – addressing the rumor. Will the no doubt incoming avalanche of news and media attention on the story force them to put out a statement or are they waiting for E3? Of course, there’s also the chance that this rumor is a dud, but we want to believe it to be true. Scalebound simply looked to fun for it to stay dead.

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