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  1. Literally half of the possible shards are gated by summoning thus event is already horrible for f2p, only saving grace is that plarium confirmed to HH that there would be a chance to obtain more shatds in the future

  2. 75/150 points are behind a paywall due to being summoning events. Just because some of us are sitting on sacred shards and got the first 30 points for "free" doesn't mean most people will get those points. For f2p players that haven't been around for a long time, this event borders on impossible. This is definitely not a "free" champ.

  3. Hi Chosen. I love your videos but I'm very disappointed in your choice not to highlight the obvious pay wall of this fragment fusion. With half of the fragments in shard pulls, it clearly isnt accessible to to low spenders or f2p. With a min of 1.5k to 2k energy for 5 fragments in each of the dungeons, even if a f2p or low spender actually manages to find the energy, they still need at least 10million + in silver for artifact enhancement. And even then, they still wont have enough fragments to complete. You're an honest guy so why not shout the obvious out on this one?

  4. I guess the logic behind allies attacking randomly is because the target is probably already stunned because of 100% chance so you want to take someone else off the board other than a stunned target.

  5. 155 fragments my foot. 45 are from Champion Chase tournament so those are just blatant whale bait especially since people are going to be popping their sacreds for 2x and the Summon Rush. So really 110 as long as you have the shards to get the 30 from Summon Rush. If not, then you are screwed. So in reality you can miss out on 10 fragments only, again if you get the 30 from Summon Rush. And you better have tons of gems saved up because the natural energy regen and energy rewards are not going to be enough to get all the fragments, especially on events that overlap. And let's be honest, all those tournaments suck when it comes to resource vs rewards. So a whole lot of effort for crap rewards. Tournaments should either be buffed to be on par with events or removed in my opinion. Unfortunately Plarium continues to be focused on trying to generate money without the players' enjoyment in consideration. Ironic since making a more enjoyable game would help generate them money.

  6. Had 2 sacreds and pulled Ignatius and Roshcard the Tower. Pretty stoked! I watched your Champ build for Roshcard and would be great if you updated it since it is pretty old and very basic. Sucks I missed your stream, hope you got your legos you were shooting for!

  7. Nice review. The hero base crit damage was nerfed a bit from the sneak peeks in previous weeks, crit normally varying between 50% and 63%, not 57%. Nitpicking a little here, otherwise comprehensive as usual.

  8. overall i think i prefer this over fusions but i'm waiting to see where the fragments will be placed in the champion chase. if some can be gotten easily without getting the full 45 then i'm on board for this. i rather get 5 or 10 shards while farming a dungeon for gear than farm potions just to throw them away instantly on champs you aren't even keeping

  9. I've been playing for 100 days and believed it was an awesome game. That is until since this new fragment Orc champion. Been playing almost continuously, doing everything to gain fragments as the instructions state for the day. Yet not one fragment! I finally received a void shard, and per usual received a mediocre rare champion whose reviews give her an average of 2-3.3 or so. Interceptor is her name and I just feel like why should I bother spending time on this game when I put in literal days of my time for very little in return. I am a Gold Raid card holder. I've bought the $13.99 daily gem pack and do not feel it's worth my time any longer which pisses me off since otherwise, I enjoy the game. Any advice Mr. ChoseN?

  10. At least with fusions, you might have some pieces in your vault and might be able to skip some summon events. Shards means you HAVE to summon a decent amount or have a sizeable stack of green shards saved up.

  11. I would actually spend money on this game, everything is so ungodly over priced. This company needs to realize we all don’t have a lot of money to throw around and start making items and packs more affordable. More people would most likely spend money on the content

  12. Not to beat a dead horse, but when you put half the fragments behind the paywall of pulling shards it makes it next to impossible for the majority of us without spending money. The 2x ancients event two weeks ago reset whatever players had been saving, and after pulling sacreds for the 2x, we're now suppose to have a ton of magical shards to get the second event done a week from now?
    I like your videos but I think you're out of touch with the player base as a whole on this. The best part about fusions was that, even if knew you weren't going to be able to get the legendary, maybe you could put all your resources into trying to get a new rare or epic. But in the reward spot where there should be, at minimum a trash rare that you use for as a chicken, there are fragments that aren't useable for anything if you can't complete the event. What incentive does anyone other then the top 5% of the raid community have to participate in any of these events?

  13. As someone who used to spend money on Raid i'd say Kreela is locked behind a paywall – at least to some degree. with the two biggest piles of fragments being part of Summoning Events it's obviously that Plarium just wants to lure us into spending more money.

    Sure, they confirmed there'll be a chance to obtain more shards in the future, but is that good enough so we can ignore the fact that Plarium still doesn't get how to be player friendly with their shit?

  14. Paywalls only start in my book after the point where a month worth of mystery shards won't get you anything worthwhile. For me that hasn't happened yet. As long as the following chase isn't over 1k for half the fragments, i will consider it fine. 1.5k at most before it becomes unreasonable. Remember, low hanging fruit is the best kind!

  15. Sweet, people who have been playing for a year get handed another legendary while Plarium temps the rest of us to waste our 3 shards to get epic dupes.

  16. I'm a bit disappointed with her because she can't replace any of my champs. Her shield – covered by my miscreated, her attack up – my seeker, c.rate – gear, ally attack is a bit rng and requires books. So, she is not useful for me

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