The battle royale sensation PUBG has long been available to play for free as a F2P mobile game. But developer Bluehole also worked on a slimmed-down free version of their game aimed at lower-end PCs and laptops. Gamers in South-East Asia have been able to play PUBG Lite for a while now and the game is now available for European gamers as part of a beta test.

Americans sadly still are sidelined from playing PUBG Lite but it’s only a matter of time before a beta and a subsequent full release comes out here as well. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Lite aims to offer the full PC experience albeit with significantly paired back visual fidelity. This version is not meant as just a F2P title, but as an alternative for gamers who are light on money and can’t afford a capable PC.

Eager gamers can still try their luck and register for the Open Beta of PUBG Lite here, but be aware you’ll have to use a VPN and set your location as one of the supported regions. You can check out all officially supported countries here.

In the end, there are other and easier ways to play PUBG for free. We are obviously talking about PUBG Mobile. But if the idea of playing a fast-paced shooter with touch controls isn’t really your cup of tea, there are plenty of ways to play PUBG Mobile on PC via Android emulators. Not unlike PC users can now experience Call of Duty: Mobile.

The obvious thought why Bluehole decided to create a free PUBG is to become more competitive with Epic’s juggernaut Fortnite. With a non-existent entry barrier, it’s only natural that more people play your game and possibly purchase microtransactions. And that is where the bulk of the money comes after all.

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