PS Store Sale Has Discounts on Wattam Preorder and Other Games


It’s Tuesday, which means the PS Store has a new slew of games on sale at a discounted rate in the weekly PlayStation Store Sale. This week is a bit lighter (most likely the calm before the Black Friday storm), but not to worry: There are still plenty of deals for you to take advantage of. Most notably, you can preorder Wattam, the upcoming game from the creator of Katamari Damacy. It will be $19.99 at launch on December 17th, but if you preorder it, you’ll get it for $16.99 (15% off). In addition, you’ll find a number of other niche titles up for discounts like Romancing Saga 3, Omega Strike, and Coffin Dodgers.

Don’t forget, throughout the month of November the PS Store also has the PS Plus Double Discount Sale for members. This features a ton of great games on sale, with double the discount for PS+ subscribers, hence the name.

You can check out the sparse contents of this week’s sale below. Note that the price in bold is the extra PS Plus discount for each game (if available).


  • Wattam
    $16.99—15% Off
    Ends 12/17


Cross Buy

  • PS4/Vita Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
    $9.99—50% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • PS4/Vita Dragoon Collection
    $11.24—75% Off
    Ends 11/22


  • PS4/Vita Dragooned
    $4.49—75% Off
    Ends 11/22


  • PS4/Vita Paranautical Activity
    $4.99—50% Off
    $2.49 (PS+)—75% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • PS4/Vita Skylight Freerange
    $4.49—75% Off
    Ends 9/18


  • PS4/Vita Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine
    $5.99—75% Off
    Ends 9/18



  • Blade and Bones
    $6.74—55% Off
    $5.24 (PS+)—65% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Coffin Dodgers
    $4.79—60% Off
    $3.59 (PS+)—70% Off
    Ends 11/26


  • DayD: Through Time
    $5.99—40% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Fall of Light
    $7.49—50% Off
    $3.74 (PS+)—75% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Figment: Game and Dynamic Theme Bundle
    $13.19—40% Off
    $8.79 (PS+)—60% Off
    Ends 11/27


  • Frisky Business
    $4.99—50% Off
    $2.49 (PS+)—75% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Laws of Machine
    $2.39—60% Off
    $1.79 (PS+)—70% Off
    Ends 1/8/20


  • Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity
    $4.99—50% Off
    Ends 12/12


  • Mahjong Royal Towers
    $3.49—50% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Moonfall Ultimate
    $6.49—50% Off
    $5.19 (PS+)—60% Off
    Ends 11/26


  • Omega Strike
    $5.99—50% Off
    $2.99 (PS+)—75% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Romancing Saga 3
    $23.19—20% Off
    Ends 12/4


  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut
    $8.49—50% Off
    $4.24 (PS+)—75% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Timothy vs the Aliens
    $3.99—80% Off
    Ends 1/31/20


  • Yaga
    $19.99—20% Off
    Ends 11/19


  • Yaga Bad Luck Bungle
    $23.99—20% Off
    Ends 11/19



  • VR Ping Pong Pro
    $21.24—15% Off
    $19.99 (PS+) —20% Off
    Ends 11/26



  • Romancing Saga 3
    $23.19—20% Off
    Ends 12/4


PS4 Add-ons

  • Paraiso Island—Day of the Dead DLC Pack
    $0.79—20% Off
    $0.49 (PS+)—50% Off
    Ends 11/26


  • Paraiso Island—Restaurant Expansion
    $3.99—20% Off
    $2.49 (PS+)—50% Off
    Ends 11/26


  • Paraiso Island—Unbreakable Tools
    $0.79—20% Off
    $0.49 (PS+)—50% Off
    Ends 11/26


Anything you plan on getting, or are you waiting for the inevitable Black Friday sale that’s bound to have a few more notable games on sale.

[Source: PS Store]

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