Pendulum teaser trailer – game trailer



Pendulum is designed by Travis Jones, published by Stonemaier Games, and illustrated by Robert Leask.

video created by Bryce Walter and his team at We Make Teasers ( with voiceover by Eric Summerer

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  1. What does "Highest Rated Game" mean? I'm interested by this statement because it isn't out yet, and I feel like ratings are only viable when they are released. It also seems like a bold statement because of Wingspan, Scythe, and Viticulture, which are all highly rated games. Anyone know what the 9.3 means here? Maybe it is internal ratings? (Quote from the BGG site: "Pendulum is the highest-rated protoype [sic] in the history of the Stonemaier Games Design Day.

  2. I love the concept of making time a literal semi-tangible resource. I'd love see how this mechanic is expressed more meaningfully through gameplay. Are the players able to manipulate the hour glasses? Switch theirs with other players? Flip them in the other direction? I can see a lot of potential!

  3. No way I've been recently bouncing around some ideas for table top using sand timers cuz I think they're so underutilized Jamey stegmaier downright one of the best in the industry. And worker placement Is wife's favorite this should go well!

  4. I've been playing Pandemic Rapid Response recently and I fell in love with the timer mechanic! My friend and I are always complaining about analysis paralysis killing certain game experiences. Excited to try out a game with 3 different timers!

  5. I don’t know why but I couldn’t really get what the games about from that. And timers are a bit of a concern. Hopefully it’ll turn out good.

  6. I love how Stonemaier has these games ready for release so soon after they are announced. Beats waiting a year and a half for something from Kickstarter.

  7. Has anyone played Cultist Simulator on the PC? I always thought that a board game that could leverage timers without being a “stress fest” would be amazing. Cultist Simulator is quite different — it’s narrative driven but has many, many timers. I think Pendulum might be the way to get at this mechanic without pulling your hair out

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