ONE GIANT MISTAKE!! Evolve Gameplay Stage Two (PC Monster Gameplay) – game walkthrough


ONE GIANT MISTAKE!! Evolve Gameplay Stage Two (PC Monster Gameplay)

Today we dive back into the world of Evolve Stage Two, for some more monster mayhem. This time, Gorgon takes center stage, and we talk social media, the awesomeness of Evolve, and the death of walkthroughs! Let me know YOUR take in the comments down below!

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  1. Man, these old "dead" games have more quality than you'd think. I recently returned to playing Guns of Icarus online and have found myself wanting to get on that more than even Sekiro and I'm a huge From Soft fanboy.

  2. i dont look up other social medias much, some i dont even bother to look up lol.. the only social media i do i youtube or ig but thats it.. even ig i spend like 5 min or so and im done but with youtube i can go all day, but tbh i hv no idea what im doing in yt that long lolol

  3. Your kind of right…. story games arent exactly getting very far in the market anymore. tell tale shut down just as battle royals became all the rage. Maybe try going into indie games?

  4. I never even got to try stage 2 on the xbox version and i still thought this was an awesome game i dont understand why it died out…. Anyone know if their making a new 9ne or if its literally dead?

  5. imo what Evolve needs is a lot of, like whole platoons of human NPC's that work and coordinate with the hunters, and for the monster to munch on. The biggest issue with the game is how much running around there is before a short chaotic confrontation.

    Some base-customization for hunters, some greater degree of customization and collection, etc. and the game will have more legs.

  6. You know GR. I agree with you but I have never had a chance to play Evolve. Pc cant handle it and its dead on console so as far as some people go we just cant afford to take part in these things.

  7. Ghost, you were once my favorite youtube channel. Coming home from school and watching your walkthroughs was a daily routine for me. I remember seeing your videos go up to a 1,000,000+ views per video. Now i see that you are slowly losing viewership and that is truly heart breaking. You will always be the man though. Go gently into the night young Ghostrobo lol

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