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The Netflix adaptation of The Witcher may not air until 2020, but the team behind it is hard at work. Casting is a big part of that, and thanks to Reddit, some of the alleged casting scripts (sides) used in this process have reportedly leaked. While these supposed scripts and scenarios may not be used in the show, they might give fans an idea of what is going on behind the scenes, assuming these scripts are the real deal.

Both of these The Witcher scenes from the alleged scripts focus on the sorceress Yennefer. The first involves playful banter between her and Geralt as they prepare for a ball. The second one is slightly more intense, as it features Yennefer telling off a king requesting an “intimate” encounter.

After the leak, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich reminded fans on Twitter that she said casting scripts would leak. She did not confirm that these scripts were real, but did say that these kinds of materials are used exclusively for casting and aren’t necessarily indicative of a final product.

The Witcher‘s cast has not yet been announced. The live-action fantasy series will be filming in Europe, though a specific start date hasn’t been disclosed.

The Witcher is not the only video game adaptation Netflix is preparing. The second season of Castlevania series will be released in October 2018. Unfortunately, despite rumors, there are no plans for a God of War series.

[Source: Reddit via SyFy]

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