Need for Speed 2019 Reveal – NFS Heat Reveal Trailer and Live Reaction and Breakdown
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  1. My only wish is, I hope they have sorted the Police cars problems, especially the complex horn sounds, and the voice from the police officer, actually the 2015 Version of the NFS got the best voice message sounds and effects. So I think maybe the Heat can make the police force more tactical? Not just crashing all around or just hit players cars like lunatic, do some moving road block not only the dead one or only block the way in front ! They should learn the experience what they’ve made from NFS The Rush ( moving roadblock ), I genuinely wish they can bring the feeling of the series before the Payback (Which is the 2015 NFS ) , cuz I’ve found the feeling of freedom in that one. Just like I can do drifting/ hanging around/ racing/ tuning all day long no matter the times and anything but in Payback just feels I am wasting my time. And that’s what the Payback have just lost, scenarios all over everywhere, lunatic police without strategy at all, terrible handling ( idiotic 300km/h drifting )

  2. Vice city Lul. You mean Miami Vice. That’s what I thought first when I saw the title design. I really hope there’s a good 80’s car selection, hopefully a Ferrari Testarossa…


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