Morphite Android

Morphite has just received an exciting new update that lets you freely explore the various solar systems like never before.

That brings it one step closer to being mobile’s answer to No Man’s Sky.

Also included in this update is bug fixes for the Android TV version, so if you found something hampering you, go in for a second look.

Morphite is on sale for a dollar to celebrate the new update

Morphite is a space exploration game that borrows liberally from Metroid Prime and No Man’s Sky.

You’ll explore various planets and solar systems, researching life. Sell that research and you can upgrade your ship and abilities, allowing you to travel further into space.

With a full on plot to uncover, a gorgeous low-poly visual style, and a wide variety of planets to discover, there’s plenty of game here. So go and grab it right now on Google Play, where it’s on sale for a dollar to celebrate the new update.

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