Square Enix has graced us with a brand-new trailer of Marvel’s Avengers. This time, we get a game overview trailer which does exactly that. Showcasing the story, gameplay and customization mechanics. Check it out below!

Together with a new trailer, Square Enix also wrote a more in-depth blog post on the PlayStation Blog, detailing the many aspects of Marvel’s Avengers. A big part of the game are Hero Missions and Warzone Missions. Hero Missions are solely single-player and advance the story campaign while Warzone Missions can be played in co-op with a party of up to 4 players.

Another big part is the ability to customize the large roster of iconic superheroes with a vast variety of costumes and skills. There’s also gear that offers special perks to your heroes. All together players will be able to customize their favorite heroes just as they want them to be.

“AIM, or Advanced Idea Mechanics, rises from the ashes of ‘A-Day,’ when many people were affected by the Terrigen mist from the reactor explosion. AIM feels that those affected must be cured,” Hughes says. “A growing public sentiment is shaped that Super Heroes are dangerous and if left unchecked, they could wreak more havoc than good. AIM wants to define mankind’s future with reason, with logic. They believe in science, not Super Heroes, and that this devout purity to science will make the world a safer, stronger place; which also means Super Heroes can’t be left to roam freely.

There’s also great news for future updates as the publisher promises to release new heroes post-launch at no extra cost. New suits and outfits can be either unlocked or purchased but you can be relieved. They are merely cosmetic with Square Enix stating that Marvel’s Avengers will not feature any kind of loot boxes or pay-to-win mechanics.

Marvel’s Avengers is coming out next year, May 15th, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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