Compilation of all Luigi’s Mansion 3 trailers for the Nintendo Switch in 1080p 60fps.

00:00 Teaser Trailer
01:09 Reveal Trailer
01:46 E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer
05:16 Release Date Trailer
05:45 Screampark Reveal Trailer
06:52 Story Intro Trailer
09:11 King Boo Trailer
10:04 Overview Trailer
15:52 Commercial Trailer

Luigi’s Mansion 3 All Cutscenes so far




  1. (Dials number)
    Hello? Last Resort? Got a suite available?
    (Dials number)
    Hello? Last Resort? Cancel my reservations. (garble sounds) Why? …. my cousin uhhhhh Julie, yeah Julie, is staying with us… and um … well… I can't come! Goodbye! (hangs up)
    Whew… I hope they don't learn that I'm not even close with anyone named Julie…

  2. Now you listen hear mate, Imma tell you this now, don’t upload the final boss with spoilers in the thumbnail the day this game comes out okay? You can make the video, but just don’t put the bosses IN THE THUMBNAIL.


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