►Playlist: http://bit.ly/Dansg08FF13LR ►Support Dansg08 on Patreon: https://goo.gl/xvvDJD ► Welcome to part 22 of this commentary Walkthrough of Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns. It’s time for more Luxerion quests, and I don the incredibly cute and crazy Moogle outfit while I run around town getting things done for people, and listening to their stories.

Note: This game has a significant sidequest at the end of the storyline portion of the game that contains superbosses and such, but can only be accessed if enough sidequests are completed throughout the game. After 1,500+ votes from viewers, 75% of people wanted me to take the time to do the sidequests to unlock and complete this big sidequest. For that reason this will be a playthrough that may feature an above average number of sidequest episodes during the main playthrough. It is not however a 100% platinum/all achievements playthrough.

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  2. Hey man you deserve more subs! Been watching your FFVIII playthrough and I love for how chill it is. FF8 has a special place in my heart, so I'm glad I'm watching through you playing it. Keep it up!

  3. Keep up the great work really enjoying the walk through ^^. Fyi double blades are the strongest attacking weapons since they hit twice, but they halve your strength making them effectively weaker. They are amazing when your strength is capped since you technically by pass the BDL, since you hit twice but this only works for moves like Attack and Light Slash. However this can technically be fixed by having max strength since your attack won’t get affected.

  4. they dedicated a track for an entire quest 'Angel's Tears' which also happened to be the favorite track of lots of players.
    the NPCs keep running away because you've drawn out the weapon, keep that in mind 😀

  5. Lamont just follows you around after you've finished his quest, any time you get too close. You can outrun and lose him, but it takes sprinting across at least a quarter of the city.


    Talk to le pee-pollz wit ze question marks, some are important!

    Combine Magnet with wide magic-based spells such as the tier-two spells or Blitz. It can be very useful with multiple opponents but it's pretty weak all on its own.

    They are running from the woman brandishing a weapon because SHEATH THY WEAPON!!!
    "The threat is gone" – yeah, because in pressing X to talk to Luka you had to SHEATHE THY WEAPON and it takes people a hot moment to calm down after you have SHEATHED THY WEAPON!!!
    This should be on a T-shirt

    It's the cat you're looking for, isn't it? It probably is. On the path between the Cathedral and the south station – if you're on the Pilgrim's Causeway heading south, the path at the exit in front of the Cathedral will continue forward (you always walk off of that path to get to Ranulph and the clock tower. Don't go towards Ranulph and instead follow the paved path – there should be a wall on your left and a pool of water on your right. There's a little branched off path. There's a cat with a quest. THANK YOU FOR CONSULTING ME.

  6. You might already be aware of this, but I'll just say it anyway. There is a missable quest in Luxerion that appears after you defeat Noel. To trigger it, you need to answer the phone in a phone booth at North-Station. The quest becomes unavailable after either one or three days have passed after completing the main quest. Sadly I can't remember after how many days the quest really fails. I looked it up on a few websites but some say it's only available for the next 24 hours after completing Luxerions main quest, while others say it takes three days to miss this quest.


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