As a tribute to 343 Industries, Bungie Studios, and the Halo Community, I wanted to give you guys something special. The above film in the entire Halo campaign from start to finish in flashy new Anniversary graphics! There is ZERO commentary in this video as it’s meant to be a complete theatrical experience, not to mention I already do commentary in both the Legendary and Mythic guides.

For those wondering, the difficulty is set to Normal, as I believe that THIS is what the Human-Covenant War would look like if it ever took place. Marines can assist the Master Chief against the basic Covenant forces but then begin dropping like flies when it comes to much larger Covenant such as Hunters.

As always, these are zero-death runs from start to finish.

And lastly, I waited until Memorial Day to release this to say thank you to our Armed Forces, one of the major backbones that helps to keep our country safe. The sacrifices made on Halo to protect humanity are much like the sacrifices our soldiers make every day to protect our country. They all have lives and families, and dedicating theirs for the sake of our future is nothing short of Mythic in and of itself. Thank you guys and girls for keeping us strong!

Enjoy the show, and thank you, everyone!

Best Regards,
The Tyrant

NOTE: At the end of T&R, you’ll notice the cutscene came about 30 seconds early. No, this is not a glitch nor the result of me editing out a death. My capture card froze the image on the screen right around that time, yet oddly enough you can still hear the rest of the mission. Since there’s only one minor skirmish before the end of the mission, and I figured you wouldn’t want to be staring at a frozen image for 30 seconds with sound in the background, I thought it best to save time and simply edit the current footage. Note, however, that this is the ONLY edit done in the entire saga.


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  1. so many unngoy/grunts were killed in this game i would like to pay tribute to them. they were forcedto fight by the covenent and they didnt want to fight. they were enslaved and breed then sent ou to fight at about 6 months of age. the covenent could have used there brain power because they were realy quick learners


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