Grand Theft Auto V 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in HD

GTA V Missions Walkthrough Playlist:

This video shows how to complete all mission objectives on a single play-through, although the 100% completions are cumulative and the Gold Medal can be achieved on multiple play-throughs.

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Mission N. 16 – The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)

Characters: Michael & Franklin

Given by: Lester

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Quick Grab – Steal the jewelry within 50 seconds
● Protégé Protected – Protect Franklin during the LS River chase
● Clean Sweep – Steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Diamond Hard – You cleaned out Vangelico to pay back Martin Madrazo.
● Solid Gold, Baby! – Earn 70 Gold Medals on Missions and Strangers and Freaks.


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3 & Microsoft Xbox 360
Video recorded on: Xbox 360

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  1. Not the right crew for this score, as shooter should be Pakie Macreree, don't know how to spell his name right, he's near Franklin house, he will not crash in the tunnel. As hacker you had to pick those guy from lifeinvader office, don't know his name, he will give enough time in store, and will take much less cash. And driver must be the most cheap, this will be enough. This options will give maximum performance and cash. Good luck next time.
    P.S. – this is my favorite mission number 3, after the crushing plane and torches mission, so i always play it for gold medal, and know some tricks.

  2. I glad I found a good get away driver. Cheap price too..i decided to explore like the whole gta v world right….i find a girl stan wound take her to a doctor and she says if any up vomes up see her..shes 5% on a take but she's good crew for this was her patrick and rick

  3. How am I suppose to get all of the Jewelry in 50 seconds? After this mission I’m Riding solo on this store again at night taking out all the surveillance cameras, and disarm the Alarm System by shutting it off Permanently. I’m the becoming the Next Coming of Tommy Vercetti. I’ll Rob every bank, Jewelry store online. I want to be in the Billions I Money for every best business in MC’s, NightClub’s, Security, Grade A Government Military, Tanks, Jets, APC’s, and Railgun’s. Los Santos is my City Now. I own all of Vice City.


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