Birdie Crush Android

Mobile could really do with a few more golfing sims and Com2uS seemingly agrees. Birdie Crush is exactly that and it’s available right now in beta on Android.

You can customise your anime golfer with a variety of costumes, and meet characters and caddies who will give you advice.

Birdie Crush is a golf sim out now in beta on Android

In terms of gameplay, you’ll face off against opponents worldwide in Live Matches. These provide real time multiplayer competition for those that like that sort of thing.

Not for you? Not to worry. There’s a Goodwill Match you can play against your friends and a fun mini game Near Pin Competition. That doesn’t take itself too seriously.

With a wide variety of courses and modes to golf your way through, there’s plenty of content. So go ahead and grab Birdie Crush right now on Google Play.

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