Gleamlight – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch – game trailer


A rich, terrifying, sad, but heartwarming tale set in a beautifully drawn stained-glass world, Gleamlight is a game that features no UI for an enhanced immersive gameplay experience. Play as a sword, and help the young boys advance to the heart of the world.

Gleamlight releases on Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

Learn more:

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with inspiration but this just feels way to similar to hollow knight and silksong
    The areas look a lot like the areas in hollow knight (crystal peak and Greenpath)
    The moments feels the exact same as the knight and hornet and the animation is all clunky.
    Maybe if the game had something a bit different it would be okay but it’s just hollow knight clone I’m sorry

  2. Really shoddy animations, and movement looks like a copy paste from Hollow Knight. With the animations it looks very robotic and basic. Backgrounds look incredibly like Hollow Knight and this is very disappointing. I don’t think they intended to copy the game but still it’s a little sad in my opinion

  3. I wasn't looking at the screen. When the music came on I was like, "ooh something about SilkSong, look up now!" Sadly disappointed! Stop doing this, stop taking an idea, add something to it and call it new or your own. I mean I understand we all have to start somewhere, but really?

  4. Who knows, this game might actually be good. If it doesn't have me grind money just to have sub par map functionality and not make me recollect all my loot after dying then it will be better then hollow knight right off the bat.

  5. Early 2020 seems pretty ridiculous to me. They should postpone the games release date and overhaul this game big time. Maybe even go as far as make an entirely new game but still use some assets leftover from this.

  6. The similarities to Hollow Knight are exactly what caught my interest towards this title. I'd like to point out a few details that apparently flew under the radar because of all the HK comparisons.
    This Red Mage/Adventurer character has a dodge maneuver very similar to the one from Julius Belmont in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, where they dash through enemies to get behind them, and they only swing their sword in one direction. To me, this looks more like the gameplay style from Koji Igarashi's Castlevania games (and their spiritual successor, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, as well as other games inspired by them, like Timespinner) than Hollow Knight.
    Additionally, there doesn't seem to be contact damage – enemies need to actively attack the player.

    These details make Gleamlight's gameplay distinct enough for me. I'll wait and see what more it has to offer.

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