Welcome to the introduction of Hand-in-Hand Detailed WALKTHROUGHS of Targeted Videogame in our Channel!

This is a [FULL WALKTHROUGH] Video, meaning that it contains the basic tutorial on how to achieve a required task with the least of your Effort & Time in a specific Targeted Video Game…

In this video, we are going to be looking at the complete WALKTHROUGH of Far Cry – New Dawn’s 17th Story Mission on HARD-ASS Difficulty this game is pretty fun and thrilling! I tried to do them on Hard-Ass Difficulty to the best of my Abilities. So with all the faults and flaws included, I hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you have any suggestions regarding the Editing, Detailing or Description, please feel free to COMMENT, Any & All Opinions N Advises are much appreciated and shall be entertained to the best of my abilities!

And sorry for the Lousy/Choppy sounds in the video, I tried to make it almost “Special Effects Free” because the more effects you apply, the longer it takes for a video to Export and where I’m from Electricity Load Shedding is like an Uninvited Guest, You never know when it’s gonna come knocking and Muck up your progress!

There are MANY MANY MORE to Come! Stay TUNED!!!
I’ll keep on trying n improve the Editing as best as I could!

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