Final Fantasy X – Pbirdman Mod Walkthrough – Part 45 – Omega Ruins Preparation & 1st Encounters – game walkthrough


►Social media – You can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the handle Dansg08 ►Playlist: ►Support Dansg08 on Patreon: ► Welcome to part 45 of this Final Fantasy X: The Pbirdman Mod. The post-game of FFX has always had an important element of farming and preparation, as you might imagine, the Pbirdman Mod is no different. You can’t just waltz into areas like Omega Ruins unprepared. So I take some time to make some basic preparations and then head in to find out what he’s done with the fiends in there. Once again, if you want to you CAN choose to go in there with very powerful armours and spend an extra 10 hours farming for all the gil/items needed to make them. That’s your call, I’m just showing you a perspective based on fairly minimal preparation, and no Auto-Haste/Auto-Phoenix etc. Please refer to Part 0 if you are unsure of what this playlist and mod is about:

►Social media – You can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the handle Dansg08
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As mentioned in part 1, and throughout the LP pbirdman has gone for a naturally progressing mod where there will be difficulty spikes, but not a completely hardcore mod designed to wipe the floor with everyone who tries to play it. Think of it like a hard mode new game + for experienced players.

I will be sharing a cut-down version of pBirdman’s change notes just to give you guys some idea of the kind of things that is happening without giving away the entire thing (yet). The document will include all the changes to the enemies seen in the episode and prior, and not ahead. Please check out this document AFTER you watch the episode, and if you like the suspense then don’t read it at all, but it’s there for the curious: (will update this once I’m done with the Omega Ruins area fully instead of picking out what I fought in each episode)

Areas tackled:
– Omega Ruins

Boss Battles:
– Basically everything in Omega Ruins

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  1. (I misinterpreted the new bribe figures Pbirdman gave me. My bribing strategy was still fine but the interpretation was not. Will clarify next episode and Pbirdman will post a comment here explaining for the curious). Thank you for the kind responses to the return of the series. Omega Ruins is serious business, and will take many hours to cover. I'm planning on livestreaming the monster capturing process so look out for that in the coming weeks! ► 24/7 FF Stream ► ► Twitter & Instagram @dansg08 ► Support on Patreon: – A HUGE thank you to all my Patrons on Patreon for the support they provide to the channel which help me to keep making LPs such as this one, a special thank you to the highest tier Patrons: ► Josh Murphy ► j85norway ► Lauro Aranda ► Caleb Mott ► Jay_Wotw ► Matt C ► Kieron R ► Jesse F ► CityMorgue

  2. Good session! One thing I'm curious about is why you would want multiple "First Strike" weapons in the party? When I play I usually have just one with a first strike weapon – if I don't have the celestials yet, then I'll give Tidus or Auron a customized first trike weapon and the other one I give Sensor to their capture weapon. But if there's a good reason to have multiple characters with "First Strike", I may choose in future games(currently I'm stat maxing finishing up w/ luck over 150 now haha) to give more than one character a first strike weapon.

  3. I'm going to start a petition to get you to play Beginner's Guide (and Stanley Parable if you haven't. Same dev). I'll only get one vote, but damn I would love to see what you think of BG! Also the game Detention. We both seem to like story driven games. And those two are definitely special. If you ever DO play Detention though, I'll say one thing. There's a good ending and a bad. It's very important to get the good ending, and probably at least see the bad.

    As for Beginner's Guide, doesn't matter. Jacksepticeye and a ton of other LP channel all say its one of the best things they've ever played on their channels. So there's an endorsement.
    I'm here for all the great blind LPs! You're more chilled out vibe is something that could definitely grow into a bigger fanbase. People love watching others play story games. But I know you've got things that you want to do. Regardless, keep it up!

  4. Btw, does Kimahri's Thrust Kick actually work in this mod, does it actually Eject?

    Also, I'm really liking Kimahri's selection of weapons in this mod, there are some that are very physical and some that are very magical (and some balanced), a good range for a character that has to choose between the two playstyles. Good balancing!

  5. Hi guys just want to clarify the Bribe Mechanics ——- there are 2 main points you need to know and they are Success Chance and Qty Variance,
    Success rate depends on how much you bribe for — 10x HP = 25%, 15x HP = 50%, 20x HP = 75%, 25+x HP = 100%,
    Should you succeed then depending on how much you Bribed for determines the Qty Variance so say enemy has a Bribe value of 10x Potion then if you succeed at 10x HP then the Avg Vaiance is 0.39~0.64 so on average you will receive between 3~6x Potions,
    The Avg Qty Variance for some other amounts are: 15x = 0.55~0.88, 20x HP = 0.368~1.10, 25x HP = 0.79~1.26,
    Also note that these values give an average so depending on the variance this can be altered either side by 1 at low levels,
    Also minimum qty is at least 1 and max is 99

  6. The Fantasy Potion is utterly underwhelming. It would be nice if, apart from healing, it provided Cheer X5, or Focus X5, or Reflex X5, or all of them on one character. They are rare to find, no? Make them useful.

  7. Probably should grind in Sin a bit before coming here.
    I honnestly kinda dislike how statut effect are make useless on lot of this fight, I mean ok for the creepling statut like Death, Stone but I think statut effect should be more usefull overall especially on mob fights.

  8. There’s a difference between tough and every single fiend being 100% the most irritating pieces of shit they can be. Everything can’t just be immune to all statuses, you can’t give regular enemies the ability to deal so much damage physically while also being powerful spellcasters.

  9. That 8.7k flare was immensely satisfying. Is it possible for pbird to tweak the formulas of black magic to make it more viable overall in this mod? Right now it still seems like physical attacks are the way to go in the majority of cases(and even then, mostly with Auron).

  10. I guess we will be here for some episodes. That place has become really hard, maybe even too hard. You would Auto-Life, Auto-Hast, Auto-Regen and so on to not constantly die. Unless there aren't some tricks you did not find oit yet, even though I doubt that.

  11. I just gotta say I love how educational these videos are even after all this time, always learning something new about FFX! It’s giving me an itch to play it again. Also, yay finally caught back up on the mod videos after a 6 month hiatus. Pros: being caught up. Cons: …now I’m caught up lol

  12. Hey @dansg08

    I'm an American fan of the game and I was in high school when it came out. Once a long time ago I downloaded an emulator to try and run the international version so I could check out the dark aeons and such, but was disappointed I couldn't do everything when the boss arena failed to work. I also had a serious issue with random bits of skybox and field geometry failing to load which made the game very ugly…

    What emulation program are you using??? I'd like to give it another go sometime and I can't figure out how to get my old one to even run again…

  13. as far as the armor situation for lulu and yuna is. I wondered about mp stroll for a while. I don't think i ever used it or if it's a mod thing but that could have been useful surely if they were a fear ? So like. have a bastard armor with mp stroll and another one for the fights ?

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