Devil May Cry 5 | TGS 2018 Trailer | PS4 – game trailer


Jackpot! Dante, the legendary demon hunter is back with more style than ever before in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 comes to PS4 on 8th March 2019:

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  1. Booooo, Capcom the game was hyped and you were redeeming yourself until the Microtransaction got included, somehow Capcom finds a way to screw things up during redemption, what way to destroy a franchise. Please give a thumbsdown on the trailer to let Capcom know our distaste on microtransaction

  2. Look guys I know y'all don't want to hear this but I'm not going to lie this songs okay I mean to tell you the truth I could have done more like a Breaking Benjamin type style for the theme but it's kind of getting annoying with everyone's complete look of this is what capcon went with let's just put up with it for now it's not that bad it's really not that terrible like I understand like the beginning is okay and I understand what they do the screen one thing that's the only part I feel that kind of Set It Off but I'm not going to lie this song still gives me like a pumped-up I've I mean it may not be as great as double trigger but let's kind of stop being toxic because this game hasn't even come out yet and it's still in development if you think about it and I understand the game looks like it's almost done but let's not ruin anything for the developers to feel like we're just going to leave it in development of fans are going to be so picky about the music look just don't get mad at me and start a war with me in the comment section because look I hate to say it is true because we need to stop acting like it's always about us because they gave us a big portion of what we wanted as a fandom for this year's Devil May Cry game the final one at that so let's kind of comment down about this whole entire music situation I understand it wasn't the best but who knows they might just take out the song and just leave us with double trigger

  3. It doesnt mean you'll win if you were to buy all the skills when the point of DMC is to apply your experience to the skills. Also everytime you are to buy an item in DMC the price goes up and everytime you use one you get a whole rank down. It encourages you to do better and learn without using items

  4. People who are complaining about people complaining about the microtransactions are the type of people who don't understand the impact it's having on the industry and are just devil may cry fanboys who say "ugh it'll still be great just shut up and play it" yeah that's what people said about battlefront 2 and look how that turned out

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