Crash Bandicoot – Complete 100% Walkthrough – All Gems, All Boxes, All Bonus Stages – game walkthrough


As the title suggests, this is a full 100% walkthrough of Crash Bandicoot. I play through the entire game from start to finish without skipping anything, and I complete all the bonus stages on the way. This means I have to play many of the levels twice, but that’s how a 100% run works. Another goal I set myself was to get all the boxes in the bonus stages as well, like you have to in the later games, but I encountered one box in the second Cortex stage that I simply could not get. You don’t have to get any boxes in the bonus stages for 100% completion in this game, so this is just something I did for fun. Both endings are shown.

0:00 – Startup and intro
2:11 – N. Sanity Beach (gem)
3:41 – Jungle Rollers
5:32 – The Great Gate
7:25 – Boulders (gem)
8:53 – Upstream
10:40 – Papu Papu
11:13 – Rolling Stones
14:00 – Hog Wild (gem)
15:21 – Native Fortress
19:00 – Up The Creek (gem)
22:01 – Ripper Roo
22:41 – The Lost City (gem)
27:34 – Jungle Rollers (gem)
29:34 – Temple Ruins (gem)
31:58 – Road To Nowhere
34:01 – Boulder Dash
35:53 – Sunset Vista (gem & key)
41:54 – Whole Hog (gem)
43:15 – Koala Kong
44:53 – Heavy Machinery (gem)
49:04 – Cortex Power
50:29 – Generator Room (gem)
53:23 – Upstream (gem)
55:35 – Toxic Waste (gem)
58:07 – Rolling Stones (gem)
1:00:10 – Cortex Power (gem)
1:02:50 – Pinstripe
1:03:52 – The High Road (gem)
1:06:43 – Slippery Climb (gem)
1:11:23 – Native Fortress (gem)
1:15:32 – Road To Nowhere (gem)
1:18:22 – Lights Out
1:20:11 – Jaws Of Darkness (gem & key)
1:25:20 – Fumbling In The Dark (gem)
1:27:55 – Castle Machinery (gem)
1:31:41 – Nitrus Brio
1:32:43 – The Lab (gem)
1:35:49 – The Great Gate (gem)
1:39:27 – Lights Out (gem)
1:41:32 – Boulder Dash (gem)
1:44:31 – Dr. Neo Cortex & normal ending
1:47:36 – The Great Hall & 100% ending

This playthrough was done on an emulator with save-states between every level, so even though it looks like it, it’s not a single segment run. I did this because the point of the video is to be a helpful and thorough guide and not a demonstration of skills. I should mention that I completed Slippery Climb on the first attempt, though. This is by far my longest serious video yet, and it took six hours to upload, followed by another few hours to process. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Does anyone know whether this has a pc version or not?? If it does, where can I download it?? Please I miss this game so much but I dont own a PS anymore T_T

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