CLASS IS IN SESSION – Let's Play – Fire Emblem: Three Houses – 5 – Walkthrough and Playthrough – game walkthrough


In today’s episode of the Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Bizzlead takes on his role as a teacher and begins tutoring and bonding with his students.

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GAME: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
AUTHOR: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo Games

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game, developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games for the Nintendo Switch, and published worldwide by Nintendo on July 26, 2019. The game is an entry in the Fire Emblem series, and the first for home consoles since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in 2007. Three Houses is set on the continent of Fódlan, divided between three rival nations now at peace, connected through the Garreg Mach Monastery. Taking the role of a former mercenary and new tutor at Garreg Mach, the player must choose a nation to support and guide them through a series of battles. The game carries over the turn-based tactical gameplay of earlier Fire Emblem titles, while incorporating social simulation and time management elements.

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  1. Honestly seeing everything click in Nicos mind about the mechanics of the game and having it all work out is so satisfying. Your doing a great job so far Nico don't worry about it, everything will click in due time.

  2. The reason why Ingrid's hit rate was so bad in that auxiliary battle is because literally every single time she went to attack someone, they were in the bushes.

    Especially on Hard Mode, it's incredibly crucial to remember that everything that affects you affects your enemies as well. Occupying useful positions like bushes and whatnot on the battlefield isn't just important because you get evasion bonuses from them, but because it keeps your enemies out of them and stops them from getting those bonuses. Ideal scenario is you are occupying the good spots while the enemy is left with the normal, or better yet, disadvantageous terrain. Ingrid doesn't have the right stats yet to cope with the hit rate penalty she was receiving because of her positioning (as opposed to Felix, who whilst a little weaker perhaps, tends to have a higher hit rate and doubles more often thanks to his speed.) Likewise, when you're both in the forest, everything turns into an en masse dodge match because both of you are suffering hit rate penalties.

    Just something to bear in mind – in Fire Emblem games, not only are stats important, but positioning is everything! So many times I have ended someone's turn, only to realise half a second later bad positioning baD POSITIONING

    (Oh and don't forget about Dedue's resistance. He will not tank mages. He will not tank them at all. So many tanks dead because I forget this… -_-)

  3. Hey Nico, to clarify the reason Ingrid and a few other characters missed so much in the auxiliary battle was because the enemies were in the forest which gives a good evasion buff. Her Hit rate was around 50% which is not that great. Hit rates in general can feel a little wierd sometimes (case in point: even Felix missed with over 90 Hit, but something like that is pretty rare … except when there is an enemy with arount 20% hit rate that still hits you, which feels like it's happening more than it should) and how they are calculated can differ depending on which FE game you play, but when it is over 80%, it is pretty safe to say that the attack will hit the target. Hit Rates are pretty important and optimally you want to ensure that you get either 100% or that you get very close to it. The game also told you before that if other characters are in attack range, the hit rate will increase so it's sometimes a good idea to start with the characters with better hit rates and then attack with the ones that have a harder time. It's not surprinsing that you maybe forgot, since you are still getting accustommed to some of the basic mechanics.

    Also, regarding the range of the enemies, there are some enemies that will move towards you even if you aren't in their attack radius. If they move towards you can depend on several factors and the range view with RZ is mainly there so you can position yourself in front of the enemies so when they get to you, you can get a hit in without getting hit yourself. There are still cases where you have to move in their attack range before they move at all, but you already figured out that you can use your tanks for this case.

    I don't know if someone already posted similar advice (and what good hit rates are can be a very divise topic, this is just my personal recommendation having played a few FE games), but I hope it helps nonetheless.

    PS: Asking what year the game plays in while having the birth date and the actual age of the characters on screen could've been possible by using the amazing power of MATH… I don't know why, but it is just hilarious to me. Really love your content Nico.

  4. Hey Nico, if you purchase the DLC, you can turn you class into a top level dodge ball team (aka you can put them in these really unattractive school uniforms that look like sports uniforms).

  5. Don't worry bout it Nico, we were all noobs at one point. The community does have a tendency towards elitism unfortunately, but just ignore the pricks.
    My running comment for the video:
    I've mentioned it in a previous comment, but damage calculation in this series is very simple. It's your Strength/Magic + the Might of your weapon, – the target's Defense/Resistance = Damage dealt. So Dedue getting +4 Defense literally translates to him taking 4 less damage. Which is pretty good. Certain skills will affect this (Axefaire gives +5 damage when using Axes, for instance), but otherwise it's simple math.

  6. congrats Nico you’ve discovered Supports. And yes just as you noted everyone bonds with everyone. You can raise their bonds by participating in combat together, eating together, singing together, and many other things. But don’t worry though only you can get a waifu in this game at S rank. In the last few games everyone would get together.

  7. Notable things after the battle this episode: It's important to keep in mind hit rates. RNG will always be RNG, but there's at least some ways to up the hit and dodge rate. For example, Ingrid kept missing in part because the enemy was almost always in a forest tile. Forest tiles give extra avoidance.

    Upping your hit rate can be done through those weapon prowess skills, being close to support allies (ex. Annette standing near Mercedes) as well as some combat arts. Magic if I remember correctly also ignores terrain effects that give avoidance.

    For your concern about not moving after actions, there are certain classes that can do that (basically anything on a horse/pegasus/wyvern) but you shouldn't worry about that for now. To help with this, I'd recommend checking where the arrow for your unit movement ends before taking an action, or moving your unit to the space you want them to go, and then selecting the attack option. Hopefully all of this helps, Nico!

    Edit: Also you can only have 5 abilities equipped at a time. You can choose which ones are equipped on a character in the Inventory menu, same way as items and battalions.

    Guantlets are also pretty useful in my experience since they will always allow two attacks on your turn. If your unit is fast enough, you can even have 4 attacks.

  8. One other thing, I love a lot of the Blue Lions supports. They show off a wide range for most of the characters. Like the Felix/Dedue and Dedue/Annette C supports you just got. You see two completely different sides of Dedue in those specific supports.

  9. Brawling in this game is actually a weapon type. If you equip them with gauntlets, they'll attack with brawling skill. Brawling is usually a little weaker than other weapons but it's gimmick is that you're guaranteed two attacks, and if your speed is high enough that may even double to 4 attacks in a single turn.

    The reason for this is that each individual attack calculates hit/miss/crit on its own. So, you may hit with one attack, miss with another, and crit on the final two. Or any combination. Also, just for reference a crit always does 3x damage, in case you ever need to know that.

  10. So that Auxiliary Battle was a great demonstration of why you need to always be careful to control the terrain in any battle. Allow an enemy to get into the bushes, and suddenly you're looking at 50% coin flip hit rates that could mean life or death in future battles. Always take the terrain if you can get it – if an enemy does get into terrain, remember that Attack Magic and Gambits both ignore all terrain bonuses, so don't feel bad about deploying them.

    Supports are the backbone of characterisation in Fire Emblem. In older games characters would have the opportunity to grow closer to specific other characters that would determine their fates and how their character arcs resolved, but Three Houses is committed to giving everybody a support chain with everybody else. Try to get as many as you can because they are all really worth it. Especially, if you can do it early on, try to get Dimitri and Felix's C support as that sheds a lot of light on the way they currently feel about one another.

    Tanks like Dedue are generally considered among the "worst" units in Fire Emblem because Attack Speed and Movement are king when it comes to stats, but especially for a new player a reliable defensive unit can act as a useful crutch, especially early on. A lot of people like to give Dedue Gauntlets along with Axes because he will never get a single double attack otherwise.

    Also, in terms of aggroing enemies – there are some units that will just straight up charge you and some that will wait for you to get into their range. Some will move if you aggro other units in a different part of the map. Some will just stay put regardless of how close you get. Only thing I can say is pay attention to contextual clues and try to do as much work as you can in both enemy and player phases.

  11. Once a Month there will be a random student of your own asking for a question with 3 answers:

    Worst Answer = Little Professor Level gain and no motivation

    Medium Answer = Average Professor Level gain and 25 points on motivation

    Best Answer = Massive Professor Level Boost (like over 2000 points) and 50 points on motivation

    Unfortunately you picked the worst one. The Professor Level D is looking too far to reach

  12. The reason you kept missing was because you attacking someone in the forest it gives them an avoidance boost

    And you really should have everyone focus on lace, riding, or flying cause outside of a hand full of units and classes they all need those to c/b or above in Lance riding or flying for most of the master classes.

  13. I think people are expecting way too much of you for your first battle, I played this game never playing a fe game before and I picked up everything fairly quickly on my own, you’ll be just fine in just a few episodes 😉 have fun!

  14. To explain today's special and full menu, by using today's special, you dont need to use any ingredients you own, but for the full menu you do. You can see what it'll cost if you look in the right panel

  15. Back to the bad hit rates: If your enemies are in the bushes/ in forests they get higher defense as well as evasion. That has the same effect on you when you are in those territories. Keep in mind that each territory has either a neutral, enhancing or even damaging effects on your units. 😉

  16. First of Nico I'm loving the LP so far and I'm hoping that you enjoy the game to it's fullest. Secondly here's a couple of tips to help you later on.
    1). When an enemy is targeting one of your units put the cursor over that enemy and you can see battle forcast for that fight before it happens.

    2). There are actually two ways to recruit other students to your house. the first is to meet their requirements like with bernie she wants you to know about bows and to have enough strength. the second way to recruit them is to get their support level to B. the only exceptions to the support level way are Ferdinand, Caspar and Leonie. Why them you ask? don't ask me and don't bother asking anyone in the comments they won't tell you anything for a reason.

    Also get ready for permadeath, it starts next episode.

  17. I might get called a scrub, but even after playing a few Fire Emblem games myself, I still didn't fully understand every mechanic in Three Houses during my first playthrough (Blue Lions as well, woot woot) and finished with barely any outside recruits or fully optimized units. That being said, I feel like the game gives enough to get you started and rewards you for looking more into things or reviewing in-game guides. What I'm trying to say is, please enjoy this playthrough at your own pace! I'm loving your take on the events, characters, and battle thus far. Hopefully, us folks in the comments can restrain ourselves to point out things politely or to ignore smaller errors (at the end of the day, we just want to see you succeed and enjoy a series that we've been so invested in!).

    …Also, Mercedes in the thumbnail? I see you are of culture as well. 😉

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