Check out the many Enemies of Just Cause 4 in new Spotlight Video


In time for the weekend, Square Enix has released a new video for Just Cause 4. This newest entry in the spotlight series of videos introducing us to the world of Just Cause 4 is entirely focusing on the main antagonist faction, The Black Hand. From the leader to each soldier class, the trailer gives a nice overview of who is actually going to shoot at us come December 4th when Just Cause 4 releases.

The Black Hand is a private militia who has been featured in almost every Just Cause game. This time, the evil group is the main antagonist of our hero Rico and will play a very big role in the story. Led by the ruthless Gabriela Morales, The Black Hand is equipped with cutting-edge military equipment and highly trained soldiers.

The first of these Black Hand operatives is the Ghost. A stealth-fighter who wears a high-tech camouflage outfit. Similar to the Predator, the Ghost can turn practically invisible and maneuver himself at Rico’s flanks, where he unleashes a powerful charge-attack. This nimble enemy type will no doubt be a priority enemy to take out in any battle.

Snipers will be on the hunt as well to no one’s surprise. The traditional enemy class will try to take out Rico from safe distance, so be alert to red lasers on their weapons and use them to locate the Snipers quickly.

Titans are, as the name implies, heavily armored behemoths who shrug off even rocket blasts. With their Rail Guns they can put serious hurt on Rico and even knock him out of the air. On top of that, Titans also deploy drones into combat. Sounds like a mini-boss almost.

A lot less intimidating are the Grenadiers who wield grenade launchers. By no means should they be underestimated however, as even a dead one can wreak havoc by letting off multiple grenades at once.

Super Elites are literal bullet sponges with their immunity against bullets. If that doesn’t sound annoying, they are also immune to Rico’s grappling hook and shake it off quickly when you try to attack them with it.

A lot more manageable-sounding are the Riot Shielders whose only defense is their riot shield. Their shields don’t hinder their agility however, and they will always face their defensive shield between them and you, even if you’re airborne.

Another recurring enemy type is the RPG Unit. A very traditional enemy type whose powerful rockets will force you to quickly grapple-hook away from the blast zone. Similarly, the Machine Gunner will be a familiar foe for gamers of any shooter really. Unique to Just Cause 4, the Machine Gunner will deploy a stationary shield, guarding himself while unleashing a barrage of shots at you.

Lastly, the common Soldier of The Black Hand will be by far the most common enemy type Rico encounters. What they lack in armor and firepower, they make up in sheer numbers. So, don’t get cocky and dispose of them asap. Their upgraded brethren are the Elites, who are slightly better armored and use a variety of more powerful weapons.

Make sure to check out the previous Spotlight videos for Just Cause 4 and stay tuned for more.

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