Call of Duty: WW2 Gameplay Walkthrough – IGN Live: E3 2017 – game walkthrough


New multiplayer gameplay for Call of Duty: World War 2 showcased.

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  1. this will never live up to the old WII CoD's… also do they not understand that after what battlefield's been doing they really need an upgrade in the graphics department…

  2. For all those who's saying that this game is not accurate, remember Battlefield 1 had soldiers running around in armor, WWI tanks that has the speed of a Ferrari, and a buttload of semi automatic an automatic rifles.

  3. I missed the health packs mechanic. Medal of Honor was the last I remember I would end up half dead and desperate. Heart pounding and hyper vigilant just looking to survive not play an objective. Listening to Nazis scream I need a dead girl and waiting 3 minutes for another to yell I found one.

  4. It's good they went back to ww2 but why is it always multi player showing off games it shouldn't be just multi player what happened to the old proper cod…the cod games aren't base on real events not like battlefield 1….cod use to be good on based on real events but now it's all crap and fake…we need a good ww2 that teaches kids today of the men and women that went through hell to get us what we have today…show some respect and do a game that means something instead of point and shoot it wasn't all about point and shoot and these games disrespect the soldier's that was in ww2 and Yeh there was women fighting in ww2 as well as men but make it based on real life to teach the kids of today of what really went on instead of making it a point and shoot because cod is boring and past its sell by date now and towards the end of this video when he said he respects the war etc get real mate if you felt that way you'd do it better….oh and I've been playing cod since ps2 first release so all you haters that comment I don't care it's my opinion so get over it it's about time we had a real combat game that tells a proper story and teaches kids of today about ww2 or any war from the past a story that means something…Activision are disrespectful and should be ashamed bring back the original cod where they told the story and gave players lessons in ww2 not this sh*t

  5. Germans using allied weapons might not be realistic as some are saying, so is for the allies using MP40s and Mauser k98s, but at every start of a mission, the first thing I actually do in this type of games is to get myself an MP40 and a K98 for a few reasons, first the German weapons seems much better, second I don't want to run out of ammo during a mission

  6. I bought it because I wanted something new to play, and it’s ww2. I know when buying it, from playing all other cods that it’s not gunna be anything special. It’s gunna be cod, people running around spraying bullets, camping in corners and just annoying rage inducing gaming. Typical cod. Graphics do look worse then Infinite warfare tho so hopefully that gets updated and fixed. More in this game for zombies and campaign.

  7. New features…. more like stealing features. This game is anything new, its just the first time the company has listen to what the customers want. To bring me back to call of duty I want something in the game that no other has. I feel you'll have a better WW2 experience playing battlefield 1

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