3D Realms has announced the release date for their awesome old-school first-person shooter Ion Fury. Previously known as Ion Maiden, the amped-up build engine shooter is slated to come out on August 15 for PC via Steam and GOG. PS4, Xbox One and Switch will have to wait a little bit longer. Check out the release date trailer here!

3D Realms is a household name when it comes to classic 90s PC gaming. The company published or developed themselves some of the most iconic shooters from that period. Cult classics like Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad and Shadow Warrior were all products of 3D Realms. After the golden years in the 1990s, the company kind of vanished from the minds of gamers due to a lackluster output of games.

After close to two decades later, the studio thankfully went back to what they excel at most. Creating badass shooters. Thus, Ion Maiden was born. Heavily influenced by the likes of Duke Nukem 3D, the game even uses the same engine, albeit heavily modified and more powerful and beautiful than ever before. After launching in Early Access last year, Ion Maiden will be fully releasing next month under a new name. Ion Fury.

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden filed a lawsuit against 3D Realms for the likeness of the game’s name. The game developer is now reacting to that by changing the name into Ion Fury. Nonetheless, the game is still the awesome throwback shooter gamers on the PC have come to love. Ion Fury currently sits at an impressive 96% positive user reviews on Steam.

Together with the full release out of Early Access, Ion Fury is also getting a price change. On August 15, when the game fully launches, the price will increase to $24.99 from its Early Access price of currently $19.99. This is a standard procedure and an intended goal of Early Access to incentivize early purchases to fund the completion of development.

Head on over to the game’s Steam page where you can still buy it for $19.99!

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