Since I run them all on a loop, thought you might want to join me.

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FL4K Gameplay | Over 3 Hours of Eden-6 & Pandora:
Solo build guide:
Coop build guide:
FL4K Breakdown:
Zane Gameplay:
Amara Gameplay:
Moze gameplay & Campaign length:
Top 20 things you need to know about BL3:
More Character details:
#1 thing RPGs need to cover:
3 hours of gameplay:
Moze Full Skill Tree & Builds:

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Donkey Kong Country (Rare)
Gearbox, 2k, Dantics

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  1. today i dreamed that shadow of war has an update which addm many more orcs and the faces and voices from shadow of mordor for extra uniqueness and i also dreamed the news and it said in big letters that Monolith have renewed the contract with WB and they will update the game but…no woke up and boom…all hope was lost once again


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