BTD6 / Bloons TD 6 – What’s The Best Cheap Tower In The Game? Money’s tight in this challenge, which makes it perfect for this combo of towers to succeed!

This is my series of Bloons TD 6 strategy, gameplay, guides, walkthroughs, or whatever it may be. Likes and comments are appreciated, and subscribe to catch my future videos!

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  1. Some people in the past have mentioned spoiling the challenge in the thumbnail (which is hard to avoid sometimes), so this one is made just a liiiiittle bit ambiguous.

  2. Hey i really like your videos and I don’t care if you cuss, it’d just mean a lot to me if you’d stop saying god d. Again i love your content but if you could do without that one phrase I’m sure tons of us would appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. I have no idea how people are still coming up with new and interesting challenges. I know challenges haven't been out for that long, but I seriously thought we would be out of ideas by now. Gotta hand it to the BTD6 community's creativity and dedication. That trees/spike/boat pull challenge? I couldn't come up with that in a hundred years.


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