AVENGERS Game Trailer #2 Square Enix (E3 2019) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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  1. Hold up they said you could play by yourself there co-op they’ll update regularly and and new stuff will be free and y’all are still complaining

    Hulk: I see this as an absolute win

  2. I want open world, i want different unlockable costumes for every character, i want free dlc, i want to be able to fly everywhere with tony, i want to be able to throw caps shield and thors hammer freely, i want tons of unlockable characters like Marvels Ultimate Alliance.

  3. Who said “I didn’t doubt you for a second hank” sounded like the voice actor for Deadpool in LEGO marvel superheroes doesn’t it? Or am I just hearing shit

  4. Tbh the shrink ray Hank Pym is using in the thumbnail kind of looks like Ant Man’s mask maybe the shrink ray gets destroyed somehow and he ends up turning it into the suit?

  5. Ok I just want to get this straight. I love both comics and MCU, ask me to choose I'll just ignore you, but people need to understand that not everything Marvel related is going to be ripped straight out of the MCU, or even the comics for that matter, but the comics are where these characters come from, so it makes more sense to have anything marvel be more comic based. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with liking movies, hell I'm a huge movie person, and I think everyone has liked at least one movie. Please for anyone reading this, if you respond, respond back in a respectful, civilized manner, or else I won't answer back.

  6. Why does Marvel mainly focuses on Captain America? Why does it not show more about Hawkeye, Black widow and Hulk? Also Ironman and Thor are supposedly to be best at what they do,ie, lead and stun, they are shown to be taking orders from bw, and not to exaggerate but I think Ironman and Thor know what they do and they don't require orders from any of their team members.


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