Declare your right to rule – the Iron Crown Collection Event is live now! Stand above the rest in limited-time Solos mode, score unique cosmetics, launch into an adrenaline-fueled town takeover designed by Octane himself, and more.

Check out everything that’s happening during the Iron Crown Collection Event:

Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC:

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  1. Greed will eat your mortal sorrow Respawn and EA. I’m sorry but they’ve REALLY fucked up this time. I’m fuming to say the least. I’d have to spend around £160 for all 24 packs and the heirloom, and you can only unlock 2 FUCKING PACKS using skill and effort from the challenges. No fucking way am I gambling for some skins, all we wanted was something to grind for and EARN, NOT give an arm and a leg for. Boo Respawn, I hope EA had to hold a financial gun to your head to make a decision like this. Poor.

  2. 1. guns are not that accurate and nothing ever goes like that in a real gun fight 2. the skins are good yes but you can NOT get them separably you have to get them in packs 3. the packs are cool yes but they are 7x more then a normal one 4. they didn't say anything about the heirloom that you can get if you buy all the packs 5. they didn't fix the hit reg, rng, and the solos mode yes it is good but TEAMING happens and it has only been out for a few hours


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